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Mentoring Program  

Diploma in Human Resource Management (DHRM)  


Certificate Courses  

Certificate in Human Resource Development

A comprehensive course on the aspects of human resource development, the theories, methods, and research findings pertaining to improving the knowledge, attitudes, skills, and habits (KASH), levels of individuals and groups in various organizational settings; techniques and approaches on how to analyze training needs, design training modules, evaluate training interventions or programs, and administer and manage the training function in an organization.

Certificate in Human Resource Planning and Acquisition

The course introduces the value of manpower planning as a strategic business tool that goes beyond mere forecasting of numbers and recruitment as more than just hiring people.

Certificate in Compensation Management (CCM)

Attracting employees and retaining the good ones can largely be traced to how well compensation and benefits are managed and administered. Good compensation and benefits administration is more than ensuring internal and external consistency of salaries and wages. This course will help the students understand the importance of compensation as a major concern of management. This will also provide knowledge on the different factors involved in compensation and what job evaluation is and its various methods.

Certificate in Labor Relations (CLR)

This course aims to provide participants with a thorough appreciation and understanding of various legal provisions of the Labor Code that affect the employee’s pre-employment, employment and post-employment status. It also covers various alternatives in handling labor relations issues.

Certificate in Organization Development (OD)

The use of Organization Development (OD) is growing. OD’s set of concepts and techniques for improving organizational effectiveness and individual well-being has been successfully used by organizations. OD addresses the opportunities and problems involved in managing human dynamics in organizations as well as instituting change.

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