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As the most represented association of human resource professionals and people managers in Northern Mindanao, our goal is for PMAP-CDO to lead in the development of the profession and increase the value of its contributions to businesses and organizations.

Thus, we provide opportunities for unlimited learning and development of members.  These include free learning sessions, free mentoring programs, free benchmarking activities, access to local seminars, as well as regional and national conferences.  Members stay abreast on news, trends and developments in the labor relations arena and are provided with a national and global perspective on HR challenges and issues via e-blast, e-newsletter and e-magazine. They can further level up by obtaining a Diploma on Human Resource Management and/or through accreditation with the Society of Fellows, through the auspices of PMAP.

Joining PMAP-CDO is also a FUN way for to meet and network with fellow HR practitioners, fulfill corporate social responsibility through our various

projects, and be exposed to a variety of leadership positions and experience.  These positions include Committee Membership, Committee Chairmanship or Senior Leadership positions (Board Trustee, Officers, President-elect, President).  Volunteering to assist at one event a month, or two events a year is also a wonderful way of ramping up professional experience without a medium-term commitment.  Ask, and we will respond.

We hope this website shows you how PMAP-CDO fulfills its updated vision and mission and give you HR news you can use.  Your comments and suggestions on this website’s content and features are most welcome!


Ma. Soledad Dela Fuente-Amir
People Management Association of the Philippines-CDO Chapter


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